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Andrew Hatcher

I am an experienceed entrepreneur and investor and I have been actively coaching and mentoring in Cambridge for the last few years. My sector experience includes financial services and media (Reuters), engineering (Ricardo, Equinor), education (HE and FE) and technology (AI, Marketplaces, Saas). My topic experience is mostly focused on strategy and marketing and I have lots of experience in early stage fund-raising.
In Cambridge I have worked with the Judge, the IfM and Allia and have supported many startups from idea through to funding.

Jeremy Sosabowski, PhD

-Marketing and market research
-Business planning
-B2B Sales
-Technology (at strategic i.e. planning and road mapping level) within physical sciences and software please, no Bio/Pharma/Wet lab et..)

Faye Holland

I run an award-winning brand, PR and marketing company (the only one listed by the industry for tech in Cambridge). We work predominantly with new tech companies and entrepreneurs. We’re strategically minded so can assist in any of the following areas:
– Developing a brand and brand ethos (including company naming)
– Understanding your company messaging and markets
– Target direct marketing – investors, stakeholders, clients
– PR and Thought leadership – from local to global, online to broadcast
– Using marketing to recruit and retain
We’re also super well connected and can help you network with the right people
For more about us go to

James Parton

I specialise in Developer Relations and Go To Market strategies for products and services targeted at technical audiences. More info: