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Abhishek Tiwary & Richard Little

The nonconventional ‘EnHANCE’ combi technology transforms and ‘enhances’ air quality to deliver clean and healthier indoor environments by simultaneously warming and cleaning the room (space).

The patent filed ‘EnHANCE’ energy efficient autonomous technology is suitable for use in the home, office and in agricultural settings e.g., in EU animal housing, poultry farms and grain storage, the latter for its mould and pathogen reduction potentials while reducing heating demands.

Successful delivery of this solution intertwines the UK government’s clean air strategic priority with the global net zero drive for low carbon indoor space warming

Personalised Space Technology Exercise Platform (P-Step)

The University of Leicester and Leicester’s hospitals have secured £2 million from the UK Space Agency, in collaboration with NHS England and the European Space Agency, to develop a mobile app addressing the challenge of managing long-term conditions for the NHS’ 70th birthday. The Personalised Space Technology Exercise Platform (P-STEP) app will leverage space data and artificial intelligence to provide disease-specific exercise advice at a 10-metre resolution, including pollution warnings. Led by Professor André Ng, the Leicester team aims to combine high-resolution air quality data with personalised exercise guidance, addressing concerns for patients with conditions like heart disease and asthma. The app aims to simplify exercise prescriptions, improve well-being, and mitigate the impact of air pollution on health. The demonstrator project is being delivered by a broad team including clinicians, computer scientists and informatitions, health psychologists, primary care providers and environmental health and Earth observation experts in collaboration with EarthSense, a local SME.