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Simplified manufacturing method of porous micro particles for drug delivery and C capture applications.

Uniform spherical silica particles (up to 100µm) with controlled porosity can be used in drug delivery applications to enhance the delivery of drugs and these custom-made silica particles can be used for capturing and storing hydrogen or CO2 to address challenges related to energy and environmental sustainability.
Traditionally, porosity within these silica particles is made using surfactants which are harmful to the environment. Coupling emulsification methods and Dr. Dragosavac’s knowledge on formulation, we have developed a manufacturing method capable of producing silica particles (up to 100 μm ) with precisely tuned particle sizes and internal structure, without the use of surfactants. This simplifies the manufacturing process and enables us to tailor the particles for a particular application such are drug delivery, insulation, chromatography, and hydrogen or CO2 storage.