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Aatika Seedat

Leveraging 6+ years of experience across various sectors like public health, defence, technology, fintech, and education, I’ve spearheaded innovative solutions as both Head of IT at a social enterprise and Engineering Manager at a fintech startup. Now, I’m passionate about supporting female founders.

I can help you with:
• Building and scaling software solutions – Using my technical experience and skills, I can guide you in designing, developing, and deploying complex applications using cutting-edge technologies.
• Shaping your team – I can help you build a strong foundation by sharing best practices in communication, team culture, agile methodologies, and efficient workflows, even with limited resources.
• Problem-solving and critical thinking – I can teach you how to identify and tackle complex challenges and find creative solutions that are innovative and efficient.
• Project management – Having managed various complex projects, I can teach you how to deliver successful projects on time and within budget.
• Navigating the tech industry as a woman can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to provide guidance, support, and a strong network to help you overcome these challenges.

Faizan Patankar

I implemented and grew the AI system that keeps planes in the air at 35,000 ft. Now I help other industrial businesses achieve the same.
Having helped organizations like Rolls-Royce, and SSE use existing data to achieve £100M+ savings, I am now helping large industrial organizations use the learnings to achieve £Millions in OPEX cost reduction. I engage with some of the largest industrial organizations to help them reduce OPEX costs using our high-frequency industrial analytics platform.