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Alun Pomfrett

My journey has been marked by a proven track record of building award-winning teams and turning businesses into profitable ventures. With a keen eye for innovation and a knack for strategic thinking, I’ve managed hotels and conference centres, collectively generating an impressive £3 million in annual revenue.

Unleashing Creativity in Strategy
My ability to merge imaginative creativity with sound business principles sets me apart. As a consultant, I’ve consistently delivered results that blend innovation with profitability, enriching projects with a touch of individuality.

Empowering the Next Wave
My dedication extends beyond consultancy – I find immense fulfilment in mentoring aspiring individuals in the hospitality field. Collaborating with universities and colleges as a Springboard Ambassador allows me to contribute to shaping the industry’s future leaders.

If you are getting started in the world of hospitality or thinking of starting a business, why not reach out? I would love to hear your plans.

The Infinite Conflict of Hiring

Good guide to recruiting for startups. Covers the conflict between recruiting quickly and recruiting well. Advocates using your network to find candidates due to increased likelihood of them being a good fit

Bill Blair

Co-founder of tech startup that validates your work achievements and skills. Background as consultant and Head of Talent and Performance at various tech startups.