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Domonique Rai-Varming

As an experienced lawyer and platform trust and safety advocate and speaker, I can offer the community unique and considered insights. As a director at a FTSE listed tech unicorn, having gone through grassroots funding with a bootlegged start-up, to a huge scale-up to IPO, I’m well positioned to help start-ups at any stage of their journey.

Legal, policy, trust and safety, and beyond are my bag. If that speaks to you, reach out.

Lavania Xavier

Legal framework, documentation & Regulation
Having worked in a range of (national & international) law firms in multiple jurisdictions, I have gained experience to help companies quickly identify issues around starting a company. I have assisted two start-ups with funding arrangements from this community and I have previously owned and sold my own company.

One of my key selling points is connection. I am able to connect you with people that are well-known in the industry.

I am able to support companies in the following:
1. Connecting you to VCs/Angels (via our firm connection)
2. Providing advice from a legal standpoint – corporate/commercial as I have access to some of the best lawyers in their respective fields.
3. Providing an insight on the next stages of the start-up cycle
4. Assisting with legal documentation such as shareholder’s agreement etc.

Raja Khan

I have been the founder of 2 companies, one was a company aimed at connecting suppliers and manufacturers together. The other business was based in recruitment. I have also worked at national and international law firms within the area of commercial litigation. I have experience drafting many different types of legal documents and I am happy to share my experiences when it comes to commercial litigation. I can help you at the information stage by sharing more information on these types of documents. This will then pave the way for you to reach out to a solicitor who can actually draft these documents. You will be gaining industry insight into the legal side of things when you are talking to me.

Robert Flint

Commercial lawyer and founder building a network of lawyers and accountants around the world. Happy to help with any general legal issues for small businesses or find you other lawyers or accountants with suitable expertise.

Hannah Steggles

Legal advice in relation to Intellectual Property, IT issues and Data Protection

Saleem Arif

Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Fundraising, Strategy, Legal profession contacts

Ben Morris

Currently building an online wills and lasting powers of attorney startup.

– leading teams/development teams
– automating your processes without knowing how to code
– hiring great people
– team dynamics
– finding the right tools to run your business
– telling people they don’t need an app

Peter Smith

Patents for inventions, registered trade marks, registered designs, copyright, intellectual property law in general.