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Adam Callow

Made lots of mistakes over the last 7 years as we have take the team from just myself with an idea to a team of 14. Bootstrapped. Small amount of venture. Got to profitability. My key skills are in sales and marketing. Just started a diploma in coaching as long term goals is to be a mentor / coach / investor to small businesses

Nicola Thomas

Business Plans (for VC/Angel investment)
Marketing Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
Idea Validation
Generational Motivational Advice

Alicia Porter

As a second time founder, I have vast experience in the Startup world and a good understanding of the varying hurdles faced in the quest to launch a product to market. I have achieved pre-seed investment and can provide a good insight into working with accelerators, selecting and building mentor networks and onboarding advisors. My background is sales and marketing having previously worked with SME’s through to Blue Chip clients on a range of digital and print projects. Happy to connect.

Tom Holt

I’ve spent the last 12 years working across two start-ups in the martech/payment space.

The first has been growing for around a decade and counts some of the largest brands in the UK, Europe & America as it’s clients and has raised investment from some of the most highly regarded names in the space, as well as from one of UK’s largest VCs.

The second start-up is 3 years into it’s journey and leverages innovations in the payment space to deliver a unique solution for merchants to engage their customers and reward loyalty with none of the traditional points of friction (cards, mobile apps, customer data). We are at the beginning of our journey and starting to scale quickly…

Would be very happy to help young individuals/companies with ideas/products in a similar space, who may like to hear about successes/failures we’ve had along our journey so far.

Richard Nightingale

I’ve got over a decade of sales and marketing experience, 3 of which were in the EdTech space and 4 years in MarTech.

George Oliver

– Director-level experience in media and communications
– Various post-graduate qualifications in business administration and marketing
– Insight into regional business networks
– Corporate, public sector and startup experience

Sophie Marston

Experienced at helping start-ups figure out their position and messaging in the market, acting as a sounding board and outside advisor to help ideas develop. Experience working with multiple companies ranging from Seed – Series A funding, helping them build credibility with customers, the media and potential investors.

Hacking Growth

A highly accessible, practical, method for growth that involves cross-functional teams and continuous testing and iteration.