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Stephen Tunnicliffe-Wilson

I’m an Engineer with experience as founder, CTO and CEO of a high-technology capital equipment manufacturer. I now advise start-ups on strategies for growth and exit. I have connections within the Cambridge start-up community and the University.

I can advise on:
– Creating value propositions
– Developing commercial strategies
– Business planning
– Growing your organisation
– IP Strategy
– Turning prototypes into scalable products
– Exit strategies

Adrian Alexa

I’m highly passionate about the health-tech space, especially the intersection of life-sciences, digital technologies, data sciences and healthcare. I can help with:
– Combining technology, data and customer experience to design impactful products
– Translation of data science, and AI/ML methodologies
– Your product tech stack
– Stakeholder management

Andrew Hatcher

I am an experienceed entrepreneur and investor and I have been actively coaching and mentoring in Cambridge for the last few years. My sector experience includes financial services and media (Reuters), engineering (Ricardo, Equinor), education (HE and FE) and technology (AI, Marketplaces, Saas). My topic experience is mostly focused on strategy and marketing and I have lots of experience in early stage fund-raising.
In Cambridge I have worked with the Judge, the IfM and Allia and have supported many startups from idea through to funding.

Jeremy Sosabowski, PhD

-Marketing and market research
-Business planning
-B2B Sales
-Technology (at strategic i.e. planning and road mapping level) within physical sciences and software please, no Bio/Pharma/Wet lab et..)

Maximilian Ge

Connectivity into the Cambridge innovation ecosystem and mentoring

John Holmes

I have a creative industries background, with over 20 years of experience in managing theatres, festivals, concert halls, museums, tourism and marketing agencies. I’m now Managing Director at which has a track record of investing into and supporting creative startups, where I lead on coaching and mentoring projects.

When I’m engaged in mentoring or one-to-one support with a Founder or Start-up team, I tend to be engaged in the first instance in supporting them through the stages of a planned fundraising campaign, or on developing their fundraising strategy, often (but not always) with a focus on equity fundraising.

Alongside my professional practice in the creative industries, I have built a property investment business as a “side hustle” in the first instance, developing this into a more professional and diversified investment portfolio in more recent years, learning lots from the “school of hard knocks” along the way!

I”m always happy to have an initial chat with Founders to see if there are ways I can bring value.

Domonique Rai-Varming

As an experienced lawyer and platform trust and safety advocate and speaker, I can offer the community unique and considered insights. As a director at a FTSE listed tech unicorn, having gone through grassroots funding with a bootlegged start-up, to a huge scale-up to IPO, I’m well positioned to help start-ups at any stage of their journey.

Legal, policy, trust and safety, and beyond are my bag. If that speaks to you, reach out.

Thomas McQuade

I help growing businesses scale by providing financial guidance, leadership and advice. I can advise and deliver on all things accounting and tax.

Jenny Cross

Running a marketing and events business I can offer support and guidance around all aspects of business growth, budgeting, planning, forecasting and of course marketing and events.