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– Introduction to Export
– Incoterms
– Payment Options
– International Market Research
– Petrochemicals

Matt Brigden

Expertise in developing business strategies, annual business plans, financial modelling, OKRs, KPIs, and business development. Act as trusted advisor and coach to CEOs helping them to establish effectively relationships with their Board of Directors. 18 years experience as a management consultant including 6 at Accenture and over 20 years experience working with the public sector.

Rony Seamons

I have supported the growth of over 400 start-ups and scale-ups through the NatWest accelerator, and so I’ve worked on the full life-cycle of a business. From initial concept, customer discovery and product market-fit, investment and breaking new markets.
More recently I have taken on more People-centric roles in scaling businesses. In these roles I have led on talent acquisition, employee engagement, company culture and performance management.

I love these elements of my work and would happily look to mentor someone on any aspects I’ve listed above.

Ruben Vereecken

– Figuring out what to build and good practices and processes on how to keep building the right things
– Figuring out how to build things – from evaluating options such as outsourcing or team building to the nitty gritty of engineering like frameworks, infrastructure, etc
– Advice on early-stage fundraising in the UK

Jamie Rymer

I can support with the following:
– Vision
– Brand
– Building a high performance culture
– Marketing
– Sales process and psychology

I’d be happy to support others however I can

Elizabeth Corse

Knowledge about the climatech and impact space (specifically London and South East)
Suggestions for Linkedin management

Harry Thompson

Advice on thriving and advancing in an early (pre-seed to A) startup company. If you want help expanding your role, increasing your impact, and being given more responsibility, I can point you in the right direction.

I am a Chief of Staff with experience in the Technology/SaaS space, specialising in Pre-Seed to Series A stages. I have an engineering background with a Master’s degree from Imperial College London and Formula 1 championship-winning experience at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains.

Jack Battersby

I can support
– Seed-stage business operations (people, finance, legal)
– People moving into an early-stage environment for the first time
– Generalists struggling to figure out where they fit, what their career progression looks like, and how they can develop
– Full-time workers aspiring to switch to fractional roles
– Those interested in the open-finance subsection of Fintech
– With connections across the UK Tech Scene

Naomi Nash

Building tech and startup communities
Connecting the right people together
Public speaking & Events planning
Startup knowledge and networks


Hi, I’m Michael, the Director of Questions at “Make Your Habits”​.

I truly believe that we all need someone in our corner that can help us think differently and push us onto new thoughts and habits.

I’ve spent the last 10 years immersed in brilliant cultures and studying what amazing habits look like. I’ve also a host of practical experience from working in an award winning customer service team to being the Operations Manager of an award winning Prop-tech business.

Now as a Coach, my job is to help you see the brilliant, amazing and courageous person waiting to be unleashed in you.