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EasyCardiogram: Developing low-cost home ECG kit for remote monitoring and wider screening

Revolutionizing remote cardiovascular diagnostics, our project addresses the urgent need for efficient solutions amplified by the pandemic’s impact. Leveraging modern electronic devices, our technology simplifies ECG data collection, transforming them into cost-effective diagnostic tools. Backed by MRC IAA and KEIPOC funding, we’re developing an ultra-low-cost ECG attachment in collaboration with the Renfrew Group. Designed for the NHS, our affordable ECG kit offers preventive care, aligning with their commitment to cost-effective healthcare. The disposable electrodes enhance convenience, making it ideal for both patients and healthcare providers. Catering to the US ECG equipment market projected to reach USD 3.31 billion by 2030, our project offers immense market potential. Challenges include regulatory compliance and securing funding. Collaboration opportunities abound, particularly with investors contributing to our transformative journey.

Join us in reshaping the future of remote cardiovascular diagnostics!

Prof. Heiko Balzter

Our forest alerts from space won the Leicestershire Live Innovation Award (Space category) in 2023. Deforestation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The equivalent of a football pitch is deforested in the world every six seconds. To combat deforestation, near-real-time information on forest loss events is needed by forest rangers in the field, who often patrol vast forest areas.
The Forest Alerts system developed at the University of Leicester in the National Centre for Earth Observation provides an innovative solution: The system automatically searches for deforestation events every 5 days with newly acquired satellite imagery at 10 metre resolution from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellites. The images can even detect the felling of individual large trees. Users receive near-real-time deforestation alerts by email or a mobile app. The software is written in Python and is available freely on Github. All Forest Alerts can be logged in a dashboard or a GIS. This enables effective protection of forests from illegal logging and monitoring forest degradation, as required by the COP26 Glasgow Leaders Declaration to end global deforestation by 2030.
Our Forest Alerts are being used by the Kenya Forest Service in two Counties, in Kwale since 2019 and now in 5 Counties, with the intention to scale them up nationally. A GIS specialist in Nairobi sifts through new alerts and assigns those for investigation in the field to a forest ranger via WhatsApp. Rangers use the Maps.Me app to navigate to a Forest Alert and take action if they discover illegal activity in the protected forest. They report back to Nairobi on the incident with photos and actions taken. The Forest Alerts system was supported by NERC, NCEO, UK Space Agency, European Space Agency and BEIS and has been co-designed with the REDD+ Round Table in the Ministry of Environment in Kenya, which brings together NGOs, the National Alliance of
Community Forest Associations (NACOFA), the Kenya Forest Service, and universities in Nairobi.
The specific benefits provides by Forest Alerts according to the Kenya Forest Service is that they have made forest rangers more accountable, help to deploy rangers more effectively, and reduce deforestation through rapid intervention.
In the words of Kenya Forest Service staff, “…the results have been very
impressive with over 10 reports being received on a daily basis. With the feedback received from Kwale County and the input from the ENCOM section, a deliberate effort has been made to improve and enhance the tool further for an improved forest surveillance, comprehensive reporting and trend analysis in forest incidences and monitoring. The result has been an improved tool (survey123) that captures and digitizes the manual tool that is currently in use by ENCOM.” [Note: ENCOM is the Enforcement and Compliance branch of the Kenya Forest Service]
Supported by voluntary Community Scouts, ENCOM staff have successfully intervened in many cases and arrested poachers, human traffickers and illegal loggers in the protected forest areas.
We are exploring ways of commercialising the application of the forest alerts software with a view of offering a value-added service.

Richard Tomes

I co founded, scaled and exited a food manufacturing, wholesale and retail company.
I have extensive experience in operating a company, financial control, branding, recruitment, recipe development, production, scaling and negotiating an exit.
Prior to co-founding our business, I was a lawyer in the City of London specialising in financial services, fraud and insolvency.
I find the entrepreneurial world alive with ideas but often lacking in the practical approaches that will move the odds of success in your favour.
I am happy to mentor and discuss through issues that arise.
Currently, I am also investing in companies that can be scaled.

Lindsey Newman-Wood

I have run my business for 12 years and have a long history of working with Start-ups and established businesses. I can help leaders and teams set goals and plans to achieve their successes. I also coach and mentor business leaders to help them stay motivated and accountable to carry out their strategy and plans. I offer design sprint facilitated workshops to solve challenges and create new products and ideas quickly.

I run 1:1 and training workshops on marketing and sales to help leaders navigate the sales and marketing maze. I am passionate about supporting businesses and I through coaching and mentoring, can positively challenge thinking and help with mindset to overcome obstacles.

I work closely with Growth Hubs and the Chamber of Commerce as an approved consultant so I can also help signpost to relevant funding and initiatives to support launch and growth.


An online assessment tool to measure individuals’ awareness of developmental dyscalculia, a specific and persistent difficulty in learning mathematical skills.

Dr. Krishna Nama Manjunatha

Innovative Modular Equipment for Lithium and Sodium Ion Battery Manufacturing.

As the demand for small electronic devices, wearables, IoT devices, and medical devices continues to grow, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for rechargeable coin cells. To meet the growing market demand efficient manufacturing technologies and processes are needed to create these energy storage components.

The limitations of existing equipment used for the fabrication of rechargeable Lithium and Sodium Ion battery manufacturing led to this innovation. The product’s USP is in the production of a single battery manufacturing machine incorporating multiple functions (crimping & de-crimping of batteries, cutting & punching of battery-related electrodes and separators) which is compatible with existing punching machines.

A UK-based company is interested in commercialising both products to achieve global sales. To further accelerate the commercialisation of the innovative manufacturing equipment we are looking for the following additional expertise and resources:

• Resources to pay for branding and marketing expertise and to hire a mechatronics engineer to develop the prototype (e.g., PhD student, Postdoc, intern).
• Company partner/manufacturer/trader with expertise in the full product development cycle (including raw materials supply chain) to inform the integration of multiple processes into a single machine.
• Organisations working in battery-related applications interested in testing the technology in their R&D development and/or manufacturing process to inform the product development.

Dr. Indrani Lahiri

Building Resilience in Children (BRIC) using innovative App based Games

BRIC (Building Resilience In Children) firmly believes that resilience is an essential trait that can empower children to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and adaptability.

AT BRIC we taking a multimodal approach, using creative methods, content creation, and game development, with our community at the centre to equip parents, educators, and caregivers with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to foster resilience in children.

Through our curated articles, insightful blog posts (602 Facebook subscribers), and expert interviews (1600+ YouTube subscribers) we offer evidence-based insights and practical advice on cultivating resilience in children. Our content covers a wide range of topics, including emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, positive mindset, stress management, and healthy coping mechanisms. We are keen on gamifying curriculum and equip children with the skills they will need to survive and thrive in the knowledge society.

Our mission is to support children’s resilience at scale by developing a mobile app for schools and parents supported by an online platform with a comprehensive library of interactive content, videos, and tutorials tailored to suite a child’s age, personality, and individual needs.

We are seeking additional expertise and resources to expedite the introduction of our inaugural product (mobile app) in to the market in 2024. Specifically, we are interested in engaging with the academic, business and finance community for the following:

1. Resources and collaborators sought:
2. Part-time resources to support product development and commercialisation.
3. Mobile App developer – we ae working with an App developer, but are open to new collaborations.
4. Branding, marketing and sales expertise to formulate and execute the product launch strategy.

Priti Joshi

I have spent 35 years within the healthcare industry and am available for full product life cycle marketing an Dd sales functions .

Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to driving sector-agnostic innovation and commercialisation, with a particular focus on technology transfer and knowledge exchange within the Life Science and MedTech domains. My expertise spans a wide range of areas, including RWD with relation to Pharma and DHSC, procurement & healthcare, marketing research & campaigns, product & business development, strategic marketing implementation, sales growth & optimisation, stakeholders’ engagement, cost control & budget administration, CMO compliance, regulatory and compliance expertise, CRM utilisation, and negotiating various routes to achieve maximum outcomes.

In my most recent role as a Business Development Executive and Projects Manager at the University of Leicester, I have successfully collaborated with Innovative Life Science SMEs in the MedTech, FemTech, and Biotech sectors, leading various projects to commercialisation. My work involved facilitating the growth of start-ups and established SMEs, developing processes and support services, and promoting collaborative research programs for marketing and SME support.

I have also had the privilege of working with data companies that provide real-world granular data to the Pharmaceutical Industry using AI-enabled programs, leading to groundbreaking solutions for Healthcare Clinicians and aiding them in making informed decisions. Additionally, I have collaborated on projects involving devices monitoring conditions such as TIA, strokes, menopause, fibroids, and menstrual cycles, providing data to help physicians make evidence-based decisions.

As a Sales and Marketing Strategy Manager at Strides Pharma UK Ltd, I demonstrated my ability to lead teams and optimise brand profitability, achieving significant sales growth within a short timeframe. In addition, as the owner of Tone Consultancy Ltd, I excelled in developing new products and implementing commercialisation strategies for global pharmaceutical companies while managing a team of 10 Healthcare Executives.

My approach to problem-solving involves driving innovation and finding creative solutions to exceed expectations. I thrive in navigating ambiguity and complexity, using my diverse skill set to ask the right questions and analyse situations effectively. Throughout my career, I have been instrumental in fostering diverse thinking, nurturing innovation, and implementing growth strategies to drive success for both clients and organisations.

Aatika Seedat

Leveraging 6+ years of experience across various sectors like public health, defence, technology, fintech, and education, I’ve spearheaded innovative solutions as both Head of IT at a social enterprise and Engineering Manager at a fintech startup. Now, I’m passionate about supporting female founders.

I can help you with:
• Building and scaling software solutions – Using my technical experience and skills, I can guide you in designing, developing, and deploying complex applications using cutting-edge technologies.
• Shaping your team – I can help you build a strong foundation by sharing best practices in communication, team culture, agile methodologies, and efficient workflows, even with limited resources.
• Problem-solving and critical thinking – I can teach you how to identify and tackle complex challenges and find creative solutions that are innovative and efficient.
• Project management – Having managed various complex projects, I can teach you how to deliver successful projects on time and within budget.
• Navigating the tech industry as a woman can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to provide guidance, support, and a strong network to help you overcome these challenges.

Drs Chris Young & Omar Qutachi

LiquidGold: next generation carp care for the angling, ornamental and aquaculture industries
Fish health care products in the angling, ornamental and aquaculture industries are based on very old toxic chemical formulations that are unsafe for fish and humans, bad for the environment and are non-biodegradable.
There is an urgent need for alternative safer, healthier and sustainable solutions.
‘LiquidGold’, developed by academics in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at De Montfort University, is such a solution.
LiquidGold is the only environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable health care product. It is designed to keep fish in prime condition year-round, it can be actively used by anglers, fish keepers and fish farmers to prevent/cure disease and improve fish health and longevity.
The UK carp care market is conservatively worth around £50 million annually (at point of sale in angling and ornamental markets). The market for the product is tens times greater in the EU. The potential market also includes USA, Asia and Africa.
We have already generated strong market interest, secured one global brand to manufacture the products here in the UK, and another who will market/distribute the product via established social media channels and international distribution networks.
We require the following additional expertise and resources to accelerate our first product into the market/to transition the idea from the ‘lab to the lake’ by the end of 2024 either through a new spin-out company or licensing the IP.
The expertise and resources sought from the business and finance community are:
• Member of staff: full-time resource to dedicate to further developing the product
• Non-executive director: experienced business professional, with an interest in fish/fish keeping/fish farming/angling/the natural world. An expert with proven track record commercialising IP/knowhow (e.g., securing funds, creating licensing deals, product iterations and new product lines).
• Marketing expertise: in marketing, branding and sales to develop the product strategy and implementation plan to build the brand, website, vlogs, social media presence, etc.

Interested then let’s talk…