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Paul Keaveny

ICF Professional Coach, Mentor and Professional Facilitator. 20+ years in technology space, started in tech ops, moved into service delivery and optimising tech operations, in 2014 moved into the agile space. Part time, I help companies discover, orient and pilot change initiatives. Very familiar with building delivery teams and orienting the work around agile, lean and design thinking ways of working.

Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE

I have a wealth of experience and skills, gained in both the corporate space and within technology startups. I am a serial entrepreneur and have skills in Leadership, People Development, Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing and Finance.

Rajen Mistry

Are you a visionary founder struggling to communicate your unique brand narrative?

Maximise your Brand Potential:

-> In a crowded marketplace, a great idea isn’t enough.

-> It’s crucial that your personal brand stands out, resonates with your target audience, and reflects your unique story.

Transform your Brand with Tailored Strategies:
I’m Rajen, your personal brand coach and visual strategist:

-> Crafting bespoke personal brand strategies tailored from in-depth interviews.

-> Building a compelling 500-word personal brand story that encapsulates your unique journey.

-> Creating a set of story-led portraits and images to visually boost your brand presence.

Ready to distinguish yourself from the crowd?

Let’s elevate your personal brand together. Get in touch ->

Adam Callow

Made lots of mistakes over the last 7 years as we have take the team from just myself with an idea to a team of 14. Bootstrapped. Small amount of venture. Got to profitability. My key skills are in sales and marketing. Just started a diploma in coaching as long term goals is to be a mentor / coach / investor to small businesses

Nick Fox-Male

Advising on:
obtaining funding, grants, investment, loans;
generating a Portfolio of all Intellectual Property rights & issues;
commercialising the intellectual Property Portfolio;
general issues on setting up a start-up;
seeking & preparing for Angel & Private Equity investment.

Gemma Ryan

I am a dual qualified solicitor and chartered trade mark attorney and the founder of an Intellectual Property Consultancy Startup. I advise my clients on how to protect their brands worldwide in the most cost-effective way. I provide straightforward advice on trade marks, design and copyright law without the legal jargon.

Faizan Patankar

I implemented and grew the AI system that keeps planes in the air at 35,000 ft. Now I help other industrial businesses achieve the same.
Having helped organizations like Rolls-Royce, and SSE use existing data to achieve £100M+ savings, I am now helping large industrial organizations use the learnings to achieve £Millions in OPEX cost reduction. I engage with some of the largest industrial organizations to help them reduce OPEX costs using our high-frequency industrial analytics platform.

Sophie Hainsworth

Team management – managing a team in a scaling business / recruitment / employee engagement
Marketing – print, digital, design – specialism in Social Media
Sales – pitching to clients, identifying new markets

Michael Stock

I can help with problem solving and programming.

I’m a software developer who has worked in the industry for 12 years

I have many years experience in teaching and mentoring