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Start fires. Fan flames.

Cecilia Petersen

Coach for entrepreneurs

As a professional coach and psychologist with an MBA and master in Finance, I’ve been supporting businesses owners and entrepreneurs to launch their successful startups for over 4 years. Before I used to work as a Global Venture developer for investment funds, therefore I know the ins and outs of creating successful businesses and making the grow fast.
I can help you overcome your imposter syndrome and build resilience to become a successful business owner and make your project become the enterprise you dream it to be.

Ula Caroto

Transformative Coach

I am a transformative empowerment coach with 16 years of experience in the wealth management industry (UBS, Cazenove Capital, Schroders) where I looked after just under £1bn of HNWI assets of successful entrepreneurs, senior executives, charities and wealthy families.

During my corporate career I had supported founders in the various stages of their business creation and growth. From startups, where I have mentored them on their pitches and pitch packs, activated my connections in the angel investing community (as an angel investor, a member of Angel Academe, HERmesa and with connections at Climate VC, Pact VC, SIE Ventures and many more) as well as, for the later stage founders, connections to corporate finance and tax advice firms.

I have experience of shaping sustainable investing strategies and feel passionate about supporting businesses and founders who are on a mission to make a positive impact. I am a Coralus (previously SheEO) activator, where I activate my funds, connections and expertise to support female, female identifying and non-binary founders working on the world’s to-do list (UN SDGs).

I am also extremely passionate about empowering and supporting female founders on their inspirational journeys.

Money, money stories and mindsets, investing, purpose and prosperity that spans across all areas of the business and lives, have been my bread and butter for most of my life and career and as someone who comes from a poor socioeconomic background but has successfully handled large amounts of wealth, I have a deep understanding of how the aforementioned money factors translate to people’s lives and businesses. In my coaching capacity I am skilled in helping my clients unpick and befriend their money stories so that they can become masters of lives, so they truly know their value, fearlessly ask for what they want (including money), and drive success and their impact as powerful leaders.

Going deeper:
As a coach (executive, leadership, career), when I work with my clients, I believe in empowering my clients to find their own answers and truths. We live in a world where we are often told, shown, and conditioned to be a certain way, to work in a particular way and to say the right things (this starts at a very young age). When we are subject to this on a persistent basis, we can often loose a connection to our intuition and our true selves. I help my clients to deepen their awareness, (re)connect to their intuition and come to a sense of deep knowing to empower them to be the authentic and influential leaders they need to (and are meant to) be to succeed in their mission to make the world a better place.

I am excited to be part of the Unrest accelerator and to have an opportunity to join an impactful and inspirational founder on their journey within this program.

Paola Elena Brignoli

Corporate Wellbeing Expert & Coach

My mission is about “Making an impact” whether it is in my work as wellbeing expert or as a coach and yoga teacher. I am promoting awareness about how we feel and what we want to achieve in our lives, connecting to what matters the most for us!

I believe my expertise in the field of wellbeing within the workplace, providing companies with trainings regarding topics such as communications skills, resilience, emotional agility and psychological safety, can prove beneficial and valuable to founders.

I have experience in promoting team cohesion and a sense of belonging within an organization, building a thriving and sustainable company culture. Also in my coaching practice, I work with clients in the corporate world as well as self-entrepreneurs supporting them in their professional journey.

Moreover, I have been in the corporate world myself for 8 years while working in Finance in Italy before moving to the Netherlands and opening my own business, therefore knowing first hand the importance of building an inclusive and supportive work culture as well as the struggles faced by entrepreneurs.

Charlotte Silver

Transformational Life Coach & Mentor

Since qualifying in 2019, Charlotte has worked with clients transforming lives and businesses internationally. Charlotte isn’t like your average ‘performance’ coach offering short term goal reaching as the target. The way in which Charlotte works offers transformative responses in her clients which last a life time. Deep inner work is paired with practical guidance – it’s the clients that throw themselves into such a journey who see the radical shifts in life and in business. Who you are Being matters, especially when you are the Founder/CEO of a company looking to create huge impact in the world. From personal development, confidence issues, work/life balance, relationships, decision making, imposter syndrome, people management, business start-up and growth – Charlotte is here to coach you through life/business obstacles so that you can take big and positive strides forward. Charlotte is 100% committed to your success with 0% judgement and 100% commitment. The question is, can you say the same about yourself?
Take a practical Northern girl, former performer and then manager of A list talent including international musicians, global fashion brands and artists, then train her as a transformational life coach and Charlotte is what you get; straight talking, no nonsense, practicality. In my employed life I saw enough businesses that were run like dysfunctional family’s with a lack of practical guidance coming from the top or creativity and perspective obtained to understand that if things feel ‘hard’ it is only you who is creating it to be so.

Gwenaelle Pemberton

SVP Pharmaceutical Regulatory, Part-time Advisor for VC and Executive Coach

I focus my coaching on developing Vision, Positive Intelligence, fighting Imposter Syndrome and increasing confidence.
I work with founders, CEOs and senior executive teams in Pharmaceuticals start ups to develop and implement their strategy.
Quick thinker, I get energy from working at a fast pace, helping others solving their challenges through effective questioning.

Jo Ketley

Coach & Leadership Programme Lead

Hello, I love the energy and intent behind Unrest! I’m excited by the possibility of partnering with you as you build something incredible.

A bit about me:

After 10 years working in business development in the advertising industry, I shifted my own career focus because I felt that there was more to life than climbing the corporate ladder and focusing on profit. I’ve worked with large global businesses such as WPP, The Body Shop, Havas Media, and Snap Inc., and independent businesses such as The Notting Hill Genesis Housing Association. I work part-time in the advertising industry running a leadership development programme for one of the world’s biggest media agencies.

I’ve experienced my own transitions and challenges including moving industry from music to advertising, moving continents from London to New York (and back again), moving roles from business development to people development, and balancing a part-time role with running my own coaching business. I aim to combine my real life experience with coaching tools and technique in an approachable way.

I live in South West London with my partner, step-daughter and 2 cats, and in my spare time I sing in a gospel choir.

Feel free to book a quick call and we’ll see if it’s a good fit.


Independent non-executive director, member of the Supervisory Board

I am an executive coach with experience coaching leaders and managers, including neurodivergent clients. I have worked in commercial and investment banks in London. I currently work as independent non-executive director, member of Supervisory Board of one of the banks in Central Asia, where I chair Risk and Compliance Committee.

Innovation Strategist

I’m the Lead Strategy Coach on the Accenture Social Innovation Accelerator.

In my role, I guide Accelerator teams through a 3-12 month process of validating and incubating their social enterprise idea. My role involves mentoring them through problem-solving, prototyping, and launch, as well as navigating roadblocks and connecting them to SMEs.

I’m also an inner growth activist who helps change-makers and companies embrace disruption with creativity and purpose. I bring 8+ years of experience in growth strategy, innovation and brand
strategy working particularly with consumer goods (beauty and wellness), financial services, sustainability and resources, and philanthropy.

To support founders, I can offer a specific strong understanding of Agile Proposition Prototyping & Testing, Creative Ideation, Product and Personal brand visioning.

In terms of my life coaching speciality, I bring a mind-body and transformative coaching approach to help identify and release limiting beliefs; embody confidence and authenticity; and to integrate your life experiences into the work you do.

Lily Woi

Culture Change Catalyst & Executive Coach

Leaders hire Lily Woi to unleash their success superpower. She helps leaders and teams drive transformative change, unlock their full potential, and ignite a high-performance, collaborative culture.

Over the past eight years, she has worked with global leaders and businesses to shift behaviours, unlock potential, transform careers and develop courageous cultures. She has coached and trained clients working in multinationals such as Deloitte, Nest, Hello Fresh, Nike, Pureaffinity, and the British Film Institute. She has also appeared in over 13 global conferences, such as SAP, Project Management Institute, BAFTA, Women of Silicon Roundtable, Seramount and IRM UK.

She is on a mission to help you unleash your success superpower and flourish in your uniqueness. The question is – are you ready for it?

Example areas where she has supported clients are:
– Organisational Effectiveness & Performance
– Systemic Change
– Team Dynamics, Cohesion and Performance
– Confidence & Imposter Syndrom
– Building Influence and Impact

Get in touch for a chemistry call if you want to learn more about how I might support you.

Ieva Dvilinskiene

Cofounder of a tech startup + Growth & Marketing

– 12+ years of end-to-end marketing experience, from strategic planning to tactical delivery.
– 10 yrs in FMCG; launched award-winning products in the UK and the Baltics, delivering incremental value for the categories and profitable growth for businesses; GTM strategies + product launches
– Cofounder of FlowSpace, a marketplace connecting hybrid teams with flexible workspaces; 3 years of experience in b2b sales + marketing and running a business, of course.

Catherine Serusclat

Career Coach

As a qualified career coach, I support others throughout their career with their professional and personal development. My mission is to help my clients know themselves better, so that they feel more confident and empowered to make the right decisions for their career and life.

I’m passionate about working with entrepreneurs and founders as I get to support them building something for themselves and for the world. I can support with setting your vision and goals, manage challenges on your path, develop your resilience, build relationships and grow as a leader. You will come away from the your coaching sessions with more confidence and self-awareness, empowered to move your business forward.

I can help you grow your self-knowledge by creating a space to explore your past experiences, future vision, values, strengths, personality and skill set. It will enable you to come up with new options and make the right decisions.

The purpose of my coaching is to enable you to create practical solutions that are authentic and aligned to your needs, by diving deep into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. My coaching style has been described as warm, caring, calm and pragmatic.

I focus on actions and solutions: I help my clients where they feel stuck, empowering them to create a plan and commit to taking action.

I explore what triggers my clients’ behaviours, thoughts and emotions to enable them to challenge self-limiting beliefs and create empowering strategies. I use my intuition and share my reflections and observations when I can see it will help.

I love creating new relationships and learning from someone else’s stories and experiences. Every client brings me new knowledge and insights, that I can then share with others who need to hear them.

I create a positive and inclusive environment where my clients feel completely safe to share their thoughts and feelings, take time to think and find their answers. I adapt my coaching approach to suit my client’s needs.

Before becoming a coach, I worked in HR (talent management / recruitment / learning & development) for 10 years. In 2018, when I realised I wasn’t believing in what I was doing anymore, I made the decision to become a coach to help others build a fulfilling career.

Changing careers has taught me a lot about helping others transform their life. I’ve learned many things that I’m passionate to share with my clients so that they also feel empowered to make change happen in their life.

Mental Health First Aider (2023)
Accredited Certificate in Positive Psychology (2022 – Animas)
Critical Approaches to Positive Psychology (2019 – Birkbeck, University of London)
Certificate in Group Coaching (2019 – Animas)
Certificate in Mindfulness for Coaching (2018 – Animas)
Diploma in Transformational Coaching (2018 – Animas)
MBTI Accreditation (2013 – The Myers-Briggs Company)

– English
– French

Sarah Williamson

Coach and Counsellor

My coaching is informal and person-centred; it gives you the client the opportunity to focus on whatever you choose to help you move forward in your life and your business.

Together we will have conversations – sometimes tricky, sometimes fulfilling – that enable you to explore your issues and aspirations, your limiting beliefs and goals.

– Discover what is holding you back and how to overcome obstacles.
– Identify your skills, values and areas of focus.
– Set and achieve personal and professional goals, hone your vision.
– Improve your organisational communication, resilience, leadership and confidence.

My background is in the charitable sector and principally as a fundraising consultant, bid writer and strategist. I have worked with a number of diverse organisations including social impact projects and start-ups. I have supported various stakeholders in getting their organisations to function more efficiently largely through the power of coaching, mentoring and conversation. Having set up 2 small businesses of my own I have sound commercial awareness but this is coupled with an empathic approach and a broad understanding of the issues faced by individuals who seek coaching or counselling.

I look forward to working with you!


Eva Bhattacharyya

Founder of Prashna Life coaching

I am an advocate for STEMM women leadership, supporting women as their guide to have transformative conversations that for example convert anxiety to confidence and feelings of being empowered to create solutions leading to positive change.
My role has given me the opportunity to listen to women about the challenges they face to achieve professional recognition which have been documented in my article on LinkedIn. For example I have raised awareness of the lack of maternity funding for women working in academic chemical sciences.
I have also worked with charities to share the value of having a transformative conversation. This has helped to support STEMM women, teachers, undergraduates and senior school students.
My previous work experience includes 25 years’ experience working in chemical manufacturing. I gained skills such as communication, presentation, time management and marketing.
Also, working as a civil servant, I strengthed my listening skills and building rapport with the individual.
I also have a Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Diploma in Marketing, PhD in Chemistry and BSc in Applied Chemistry.

Ana Maria Nazare

Founder / Coach @ Dare to Embrace Change

I have trained with Animas Coaching Centre London in 2018 and got my certification in transformational coaching in 2022, followed by an accreditation by EMCC at Practitioner level in 2023. Meantime, I was still climbing the ladder in the corporate space, where I have 14+ years experience in international corporate tax advisory, having worked with corporates and investment funds.

What I have helped my clients with in our coaching practice covers:

building resilience and learning how to manage emotions, stress and build the positive intelligence muscle,
developing a growth mindset,
know their values and how to connect it to their professional experience and career paths,
pursue entrepreneurship and navigate the changes and challenges that come along with it
improving communication skills and adapting their styles to different audiences / stakeholders / colleagues / clients, etc
manage conflict and difficult conversations
building an awareness for self-care and building a routine that supports their best selves
getting clarity on their goals, why they matter and how to pursue them

Especially in the context of entrepreneurship I also use my background in business tax to support my clients with a mix of coaching and mentoring, helping them avoid beginners mistakes, find the good business partners, build a strategy, vision, build patience and resilience, learn to build a support system and ask for help, learn to trust others.

I am highly interested in supporting entrepreneurs that want to bring social change, that have social projects in mind that can impact the wellbeing of our world citizens, planet, our natural resources, sustainable economy. As these are relatively new concepts, I want to give my support to entrepreneurs with developing resilience, courage to present their projects, to find support from stakeholders and the necessary funding for their projects, go build a powerful vision that can pull others too into their project.

Change happens even if we don’t agree with it. But when we actively and deliberately engage positive change, this can have a multiplied effect for individuals and society as a whole.

I look forward connecting with you if this resonates and believe that my coaching and mentoring support can be of value in your entrepreneurial journey.

Neil Mackinnon

Leadership and Executive Coach

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Sarah Watts

Leadership Coach

Sarah is a seasoned and accomplished HR professional with extensive expertise and experience. As a qualified NLP Practitioner, ICF Accredited Certified Coach, and accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner, Sarah is a versatile consultant, with a deep understanding of human behaviour, leadership, and team dynamics.

With over 24 years of collaboration with Senior Leaders and Executives across diverse industries, including the voluntary sector, retail, FMCG, and Leisure & Travel, Sarah has honed a unique skill set covering transformational change, strategic planning, coaching, training facilitation, and employee experience and engagement.

Sarah’s coaching background includes training with Animas Coaching, earning the ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching, and becoming an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF. Her coaching approach is dedicated to empowering clients, particularly managers and leaders, to enhance their leadership skills, motivation, and team engagement. She finds joy in the transformative power of coaching, exploring situations deeply with clients, helping them discover what truly matters, and guiding them to a higher level of awareness, granting greater control and choices in their lives.

Richard Stoneman

Executive coach and company advisor

Richard Stoneman, Executive Coach

After a career of working with leaders around the world, Richard qualified as an executive coach in 2017 with Meyler Campbell ( One of his first clients was the Founder CEO of a small Start Up turning over a few tens of thousands. This Start Up has since increased its revenues to around £10 million currently, doubling them each year, and is already profitable. Richard has worked with the CEO throughout, these days meeting him weekly as part of a two person advisory board. Following two successful fund raises, the Start Up first expanded its services from its London base across 60 UK locations and is now Scaling Up abroad following the second, with plans to expand globally. Further afield, Richard is on the advisory board of a Kenyan social impact Start Up that is now Scaling Up abroad.

As well as the UK, Richard has coached a diverse group of Founders and CEOs around the world, including India, Kenya, the Middle East, Europe, Australasia, Ukraine and the Caribbean. Whilst he still does some general coaching, his main interest these days is helping Start Ups on their always exciting and eventful journeys from small beginnings to successful Scale Ups. He has coached on two previous Unrest programmes.

Richard brings rich and diverse experience to coaching Founders. As a strategy and policy specialist, he has worked with leaders in a wide range of businesses, industries and government organisations across many differing cultures. In a career that has taken him to 50+ countries, his experience varies from helping set up a niche agri-business that became an industry leader in New Zealand, through masterminding the strategy for a Caribbean tourism destination that was subsequently voted no. 1 in the world to advising leading reformers on developing market economies following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

On graduating from Oxford, Richard worked as a UK Government economist for several years before taking an MBA at London Business School. He then worked mainly as a management consultant, with shorter periods as a CEO and in advisory roles. He carried out business research when awarded a mid-career Fellowship back in Oxford and later obtained the FT Non-Executive Director postgraduate diploma.

Helping clients think through their most important challenges and issues is the key to successful coaching and crucial to this is the development of a good relationship with the client. Richard has a non-directive style of coaching which is firmly focused on his clients’ needs and objectives. His personable approach gives them the time and space to reflect without interruption, whilst helping them to develop their thinking more deeply through challenging questions and observations. When drawing on his vast experience can benefit his clients, Richard also moves beyond non-directive coaching into more of a mentoring role.

Contact details: +44 7971 588437.

Nana Meulengracht Larsen

Leadership Development and Inclusion Coach and Consultant

I offer transformative coaching support to individuals at all leadership levels.
I particularly work with people around:
– change and transitions
– increasing wellbeing and resilience
– developing effective relationships and communication
– scrutinising insecurities and shifting belief systems
With 20+ years of solid operations and people management experience I understand the challenges many leaders face and I support the people I coach to develop strong sustainable foundations to work from.
This includes working to understand the vision that drives someone forward, their strengths, values and individual needs.
I work with people to develop greater awareness of the blind spots and limiting belief systems that hold them back and to practice new approaches instead.
I have significant experience in developing teams and individuals and work from a foundation if equity and inclusion.
This, combined with my other work as a Diversity & Inclusion consultant and First Aid for Mental Health trainer means that I have considerable understanding of the personal and systemic barriers to success many people face in the workplace and the crucial role leaders play in mitigating these.
This approach can support emerging leaders or those stepping up to new responsibilities to develop strong teams and cultures where diverse needs and talents are embraced.
Within the coaching space I work to build connection and trust as a foundation from which greater self-insight, courage and growth can spring.
Coaching sessions with me are usually a mixture of exploration and reflection combined with clear strategies for growth through practical goal setting and accountability.
I will meet my client as equals in a partnership of respectful challenge and assumption testing with a core belief in their courage and creativity to reach their goals.

Dr Vicky Pringle

Executive Coach

Hi, I’m Vicky and I’m excited to support you on your accelerator journey over the coming months. I love to create an environment where clients can explore innovative solutions, maximise their potentials, and navigate change with confidence.
Let’s turn your aspirations into achievements together!

Coaching style:

What sets my coaching apart is a combination of a relaxed, down-to-earth style with a non-directive methodology. Whilst I may challenge you, it will be done with good humour. Laughter is a frequent companion in my sessions.


Our focus will be determined by you, month to month. Here are some examples of the kinds of things that you may decide to bring to coaching, however, the choice is yours:

• Developing an effective leadership style
• Building and leading high-performing teams
• Conflict resolution and team dynamics
• Strategic goal setting and planning
• Emotional intelligence in leadership
• Stress management and work-life balance
• Time management and productivity
• Making peace with imposter syndrome

Evidence-based coaching:

I’m currently studying for a MSc in Business Psychology with Coaching in order to support my philosophy of evidence-based practice. The course I’ve chosen covers coaching psychology research, organisational culture, implementing organisational change and the psychology behind leadership.


I’m a GP and my coaching style draws on over 30 years’ experience of empathic listening skills honed within healthcare.

Coaching qualifications:

ICF accredited diploma
EMCC EIA award

Dr Christelle Kerouedan

Founder | Business & Executive Coach | Mentor | Facilitator

I’m Christelle and I have a portfolio career working as a qualified Coach, Mentor, and Marketing & Communications specialist. I am also a trained Mental Health First Aider.

Most of my career was spent in the Life Sciences, Technology and ESG/Sustainability sectors with experience gained in academia, start-ups, and communications agencies over the last 25 years. I co-founded a start-up, building it to a VC-backed company of 15+ employees operating over 2 countries (€1 million seed funding raised).

Currently running my private practice as a coach/mentor and business communications consultant. My focus – inspired by my personal experience – is on supporting values-led and impact-driven businesses as well as the humans running them on self-confidence, resilience building, burn out prevention or recovery, stress management, time and energy management, work-life integration, goals and boundary setting, ways of working and organisation.

My coaching style: down to earth, straight talking, approachable, I believe in supporting others and in making kindness the norm, and this transpires in all my work. I provide a safe space for you to open up and be listened to, whilst being gently challenged.

Further info:
– Fully qualified and insured with Diploma in Transformational Coaching from Animas Centre for Coaching (EMCC, ICF & AC accredited).
– Certificate in Group Coaching & Facilitation (ICF accredited).
– EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EA) at Practitioner level.
– Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England).
– Diploma in Small Business Management from IAB.
– PhD Immunology from Imperial College.

Holly Coates

Marketing Consultant | Transformative Coach

Hello, I’m Holly—an ICF Accredited Transformative Coach with a background in sales and marketing.

I have over a decade of experience developing marketing and commercial strategies for some of the world’s biggest youth culture companies, as well as multinational consumer brands. I leveraged this experience to help fast-growing scale-ups and SMEs drive growth and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of closely engaging with numerous founders. What resonated deeply with me was the intricate connection between our personal and professional lives. I realised that our career challenges often have roots in other areas of life, and the success of a business, along with it’s strategic initiatives, is intimately tied to the well-being of its founder and rested on the shoulders of a happy and healthy leader steering the ship.

I now integrate my corporate experience into my coaching practice, adopting a whole person approach. My passion lies in unlocking the potential within the founders behind the brands. I’m particularly passionate about helping founders navigate the uncertainties of entrepreneurship, guiding them out of the weeds, restoring balance in their lives, overcoming imposter syndrome, fostering confidence, defining authentic purpose and values, and empowering them to step into a leadership role with confidence —among many other things!

If this is something that resonates with you, I’d love to chat more. Send me an email to book a 30 min initial call where we can explore if I’m the right fit to support you on your journey. I look forward to connecting with you soon!



Coach / Engineering manager

After a successful career in web development and engineering management, my apetite for a larger impact in the organisation led me to work as a coach. During my time at Twitter, I built the skills for identifying and addressing systemic issues in topics ranging from trust and communication to delivery.

I am passionate about helping and empowering others. Coaching is the perfect framework to create long lasting impact in clients.

Given my experience, I’m naturally drawn towards projects involving up-to-date technologies, culture & languages, and learning & development.

Alex Whitton


I offer coaching to empower people to lead authentically and to create positive change. Through listening and asking questions, I aim to offer a space for people to work out where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there.

I have worked with founders to navigate challenges such as developing and managing a growing team, learning to lead with confidence, defining and communicating their vision and direction and how to transform that vision into a reality.

Professionally, I have run socially-impactful businesses including currently acting as a CEO for a growing education charity. Although not a founder nor a commercial entity, I understand first-hand the challenges of growing a business and team while juggling the demands and uncertainty of fundraising. These experiences help me to meet founders where they are as their coach while my coaching experience is broad and varied, from young people from underrepresented backgrounds with low self-esteem to retiring professionals. This experience has developed my ability to adapt my coaching approach to best serve each individual.

Personally, I believe we have all we need to fulfil our potential and as a coach I am passionate about working with individuals to find those answers and to create a positive impact by realising that potential.

Heather Parker

Coach | Psychologist | Trainer | Consultant

I help purpose-driven professionals thrive at work, so you can be brilliant at work you love, without burning out.

Barriers to thriving at work come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve supported previous clients with:
• Managing work-related stress and anxiety
• Improving work/life balance and boundaries
• Developing more confidence, managing imposter syndrome
• Increasing resilience
• Navigating change, including role and career transitions
• Returning to work, for example as a new parent
• Developing healthier habits and boosting mental wellbeing

I offer a truly non-judgemental space, where you can explore your experience, gain insight, and make changes. My clients often describe me as calming, empathetic and gently challenging. As a scientist at heart, I draw on evidence-based approaches, such as positive psychology and cognitive behavioural coaching, to support my work. If you like, I can share ideas from psychology to support your coaching journey.
I primarily coach online via Zoom, which allows me to coach people all over the world, wherever they feel most comfortable.

As well as my formal qualifications, I have experience coaching a wide variety of people and organisations. I’ve coached people at all levels of the organisation, from interns and graduates to founders and senior partners. I spent the first ten years of my career as a management consultant, and continue to work with organisations as a psychologist. So I understand what it’s like to work in a variety of contexts, as well as the realities of the modern workplace.

• ICF-Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching
• ICF-Accredited Certificate in Group Coaching
• MSc Psychological Sciences, UCL
• BA Natural Sciences (Genetics), University of Cambridge

I run Positive Psychology workshops and courses, teaching people key skills for thriving at work: resilience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. I live in Bath with my partner and our cat Kingsley. I love reading, writing, and good food.


Life Coach & Business Coach & Mentor

Coaching business owners to find their own authentic way forward by empowering themselves both professionally and personally.

I’m a qualified transformational Life Coach, professional Business Coach – Mentor and I’m also a SEN Consultant. I help people get clarity when they’re stuck in life, work, or the balance between the two. I’ve worked with a variety of independent small businesses, scale ups, department heads and individuals since 2021 – helping them retain their values, authenticity and find joy in their work again. I specialise in helping dynamic SME’s, the Self-employed, working parents and business leaders to find a clarity, a way forward that feels authentic to them.

Industry Experience:
16 years’+ experience of being in business & a solopreneur. Over 300 hours of 121 coaching & mentoring experience since 2021 specialising in clients who have family members with SEN or are neuro-spicy themselves. Working with CEO’s developing Leadership skills, primarily developing effective communication within their SMT. Working with independent business owners, creatives, freelancers, consultants, other coaches to define their vision without diluting it, putting practical plans in place in a realistic way. A professional member of the ABM, EMCC. Business mentoring on the HELP TO GROW UK government scheme since 2021.

· ILM5 Degree Effective Coaching and Mentoring
· ICF certified coach diploma, Transformational Life Coaching
· Member of ABM & EMCC UK
· Mentor, HELP TO GROW UK.GOV scheme for businesses
· New Level Results Coach

Joy Donnell

Executive Coach

I support and coach Business Founders to go from anxiety, overwhelm and burnout, to energy, focus and determination. Fall in love with your business and career without sacrificing your health.

I was a co-founder and MD of a successful start up and remained in place for seven years. I am very familiar with the pitfalls and successes of setting up and running a business which is socially and environmentally responsible.

Jane Irwin


I’m a Transformational Coach. I run my own practice and work with a wide range of clients. In addition to coaching, I am a Director of Sustainable Three Rivers, a CIC operating in my local area. I am also a mum to 3 children. I’m passionate about living, making a positive impact on society, and encouraging an environment that allows others to do the same.

As a Director of Sustainable Three Rivers I have the opportunity to make a positive impact in my local community by promoting local groups and projects linked to sustainability, kickstart new community events, as well as encourage residents, via events and social media, to make lifestyle changes to protect our planet.

As a Coach I use questions, conversation and practical tools to help people;
– make sense of complex situations they are experiencing,
– gain a better understanding of their values and driving forces,
– recognise their skills and build confidence in them
– confront and overcome barriers
– create action plans specific to their requirements and vision.

Prior to coaching I worked as an assistant to C-suite executives in a range of organisations from corporates to SME’s. The time I spent in those roles gave me strong interpersonal awareness skills, agile thinking and an ability to create structure and clarity in complex situations. I take these skills into my coaching practice where my clients can explore their what’s and why’s in an open yet secure environment. With clarity and confidence they can then focus on creating a bespoke action plan relevant to them and their goals. The themes and visions my clients bring and explore are varied. The consistent approach I use with my clients is focus on them, drawing out from them their strengths and the resources available to them to fulfil their vision. To get an insight into what it might be like to work with me you can visit

Tor (Victoria) Saint

Executive & Business Coach

One-to-one coaching, or group business coaching for up to 3 people
6 x 60 mins sessions available

I am a qualified and experienced Exec & Business Coach with an extensive background in brand and business development, including brand extension, strategy planning, customer experience and design thinking. Over 2022/2023 I coached 3 founders from Unrest Programmes.

In my previous career over 20 years, I worked for companies like Coca-Cola, Cancer Research UK and Warner Media, helping them define and extend their brands to grow profits, expand their reach and connect better with customers. My role included major commercial partnerships, so I have direct experience in the challenges of pitching to stakeholders, retailers, and agencies.

As a coach, I’ve worked with nearly 100 business founders or leaders on personal development and business goals. I love the energy and passion surrounding start-ups and have focused my coaching in this area as it allows me to apply my business background.

My specialist areas are:

Personal Development
• Manage your time and focus
• Feel confident in yourself and your work
• Develop your leadership style
• Manage your team dynamics/culture
• Present and pitch with confidence
• Improve communication
• Design your work/life balance
• Motivation and resilience

Business Development
• Business strategy and planning
• Brand development and communication
• Design Thinking for product/service development
• Pitching and commercial relationship management
• Customer experience/journey

I use a mixture of coaching, Design Thinking problem-solving, and practical exercises to help clients break through the challenges they face. Together, we identify and explore goals, and then create solutions and plans in a motivating and encouraging environment.

My coaching style is open, positive, and practical, helping clients to enjoy the journey while making significant progress.

To book a chemistry call please follow this link
This is a 15-30 min call for you to ask all the questions you have about coaching and for me to understand what’s happening with you. It’s important to find out if I’m the right person to help you and if we can work well together.

Rosie Baulcombe – previous Unrest Participant I worked with…
“I was excited but unsure of what to expect starting coaching! Tor was super patient with helping me find my rhythm so that we got some great results out of the sessions. I loved the flexibility to talk about what was on my mind that day – it made the whole process very tangible and actionable. We did a mix of general open conversation, exercises, and tackling specific problems which suited me well. I definitely feel more confident having tough conversations and I have also started some work around my values.”

• International Coaching Federation (ICF) Member
• ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching
• ICF Accredited Certificate in Positive Psychology
• ICF Accredited Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitation
• Design Thinking practitioner and advanced workshop facilitator
• 12+ years of experience as a mentor in business roles
• Certificate in Meditation and Mindfulness for coaching

Coach & Facilitator

I’m Ruth. A coach and facilitator who wants everyone to be able to connect with, and embrace, what makes them glow and what it is about them that lights up the world around them. My journey so far has brought me to understand what feeds, or dims, my own inner pilot light and how I’ve often hidden my light from those around me.

I believe in the difference that coaching can make for leaders who want to respond to these demands in their lives and their businesses and am eager to make my own positive impact and contribution to these important issues as a coach supporting founders to re-imagine the role of business.

In my 25 year career in the Big 4 I was a consultant to multinational companies on workforce taxation and, in my last five years at PwC, I led a £30m programme to transform PwC’s own £1.2bn Tax practice to deliver tax and workforce managed services.

A speaker and facilitator on many technical and professional skills development courses for clients and colleagues, I have developed and directed graduate and leadership courses in the UK and EMEA and designed and led career development programmes for the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Association of Taxation Technicians.

Personal development, leadership and life-long learning are areas of passion for me so I built on my professional status as a Chartered Tax Adviser by undertaking an Executive MBA at Henley Business School (in which I conducted prize-winning research on leadership development). Most recently, I completed formal training as a coach.

Catalina Ciucalau

Life Coach

Certified as a Transformative Life Coach, I find immense reward in assisting individuals in achieving their goals. Over the past two years as a Life Coach, I’ve had the privilege of working with people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, including those in HR, Finance, Executive roles, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Teaching, among others.

With over 10 years of hands-on experience in the Accounts sector, having worked in both corporate and small business settings, I’ve gained valuable business insights. This extensive background has allowed me to interact with professionals across all organizational levels—from entry-level team members to high-level executives, including CEOs and Business Owners.

My coaching method, while also empowering, is direct with a touch of humour and is best suited for individuals happy to be held accountable and open to growth.

Karen Oliver

Transformational Coach and multi-business owner

I worked in the City for various banks and financial institutions for over 25 years before taking a year out to travel with my young family. Upon my return, I started up a new company as an Energy Broker and went on to employ many people and over a 12 year period. During Covid, I was looking for a new direction in life and trained to become a Transformational Coach. I have since been honoured to coach people from all walks of life, all with different goals and aspirations, including many looking to change careers or to improve their abilities within their current one.
Alongside this, I bought a property in Italy and alls well as learning ho to run this as a rental property, I hosted a beautiful yoga retreat there for 12 incredible women. Even though I had zero experience of doing such a thing, people told me the retreat had been amazing and they were keen for the next one.

I believe that with such a wealth of experience will be hugely beneficial to a wide range of people, including those looking to start a new business venture, apply for a new job or those simply feeling stuck or looking for a new direction in their current positions.

Christos Papaioannou

Leadership coach

I am a qualified and accredited professional coach (ICF ACC and EMCC) with solid of experience in leadership roles.

Having worked in international development, I have managed large, multicultural teams, complex projects and multimillion budgets. In addition, I run my own business since 2020 and I know how it is to navigate the challenge that this brings.

My purpose is to support people connect with themselves and others, enabling them to make a difference and grow.

I am driven by the belief that everyone’s potential could be limitless. This belief derives from person-centred theories that see individuals as whole, resourceful and creative – even when systems put barriers and do not allow us to see this. At the same time, humans are predominantly social, connection and relationships-seeking beings, and I believe in the collective power of groups and organisations to bring change.

I work with individuals who want to work, lead and live authentically and make a difference for themselves and others.

To achieve this I bring together my coaching skills, my years of experience in leadership and my background in psychology.


Executive Coach/Entrepreneur/Business Owner

As an Executive Coach I support individuals to achieve success by overcoming their own limitations, understanding what are they driven by and helping them align to their ultimate purpose.

My background is in business and I am qualified to the level of an MBA. I have been running my own business for the last 10 years, therefore, I am aware of some of the challenges an entrepreneur faces on their journey.

Over the past years, I have been coaching employees and managers from different sectors and companies around the world and what I have discovered was that, most often the battle is given inside ourselves rather than in the outside.

In our journeys towards success, we strive to close the gap between who we are and who we want to become.

How about yourself?